🧐 You are in the right place! Let's start with the basic requirements into games development.

Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Able to comprehend and converse in the English language.

  • Owns a personal PC, or preferably a laptop.

  • Has decent experiences in internet research.

You will also need to have the passion for making games. If you don't, you are most welcome here! Perhaps in the process of reading and discovery you might find your passion and that is what matters most.

🥇 Practical Bonuses

How about some extra perks? Let's see if you have them:

💬 Multilingualism

If you're bilingual or multilingual, you are in a better position taping into histories and cultures that resonates through its languages. This is in fact the common advantage that most of us Malaysians share.

Perfahaman dalam bahasa Malaysia tetap bermanfaat di dalam era teknologi multimedia.

The key selling point for Malaysian made games should be of its profound cultural diversity.

🎮 Game Library

Perhaps the most obvious bonus that you can have is your collection of games you played; not collected.

⌨ Coding Experiences

This will give you a little boost when picking up some development tools that requires some fundamentals in certain programming languages or even computing logic. Usually coding knowledge and skills can be transferable among tools so by being familiar with one programming language, you practically grasp a large section of the coding world.