What we have accomplished!

April 2018

  • Gamasia Collective website migrated to the gitbook format. Modern much.

  • New courses are in the planning!

July 2017

Gamasia Collective shifted its course. We move towards running courses on games development. You can read about it here:

November 2016

Gamasia Collective went hiatus.

Level Up KL was really one of the first and largest game conference in Malaysia, hosted every Q4 since 2015. The massive crowd was full of potential talents!

What I can see was that developers are out there. Some moved on and some stayed. Its tough, but the good news is there is a rise of younger generations being involved in game making.

The conference was great, although my favourite part was the game jam competition. If only, the theme wasn't heavily influenced by the sponsors.

March - April 2016

We were officially launched and announced the Gamasia Collective Shine (GCS) programme to the public.

It was a disaster.

I learned the hard way. Promising a 6 months long programme to building games isn't viable. It took a toll on me and I had to pickup and move on. Many were disappointed. What a lackluster, so much for a launch!

I can't thank enough the people at @CAT who sponsored the venue and opened up their co-working spaces for the event. Did I mentioned they also provided meals?

January 2016

Later many in house game development projects which never released was scraped entirely. Here are the things we learned:

  • Technology changes rapidly. Thanks, Parse!

  • Trend is a variable you have to consider when developing a game.

  • Projects were scraped because they were mostly started just to brush up skills.

A wild idea of Gamasia as a collective organisation dedicated to promoting local game development appeared!

A programme was in the making to promote and nurture local talents.

I believe, and still do, if more people gets into games development, it will benefit everyone in the industry including myself.

February 2014

🎉 Gamasia was founded as a sole proprietorship game studio in Penang, Malaysia. In house game development was in its infancy.