Postmortem 2017

This is going to be a new series of articles on the events Gamasia Collective is involved in and the learning outcome of these events annually.

Hands-on Indie Games Development Workshop

It has been a pleasant week running two major events involving the pursuit of educating the public and students in games development. First off, Gamasia Collective was invited to the One Academy College Penang for their annual Confluence Plus event, taking over on the 2nd day (July 12th).

Seemingly, art students would usually struggle getting into games development in the technical sides of things such as picking up a game engine. But I was gladly wrong to see them grasping the concepts as well as being enthusiastic in the process. I believe this is all possible thanks to the Construct 3 game engine!

Students learning about game engine for the first time.

The approach I did was to improvise on the interests of the participants, deciding what kinds of games to build would be more suitable for this audience. It could have gone better if a game genre or a tutorial was planned ahead. But seeing that we did achieve a playable endless runner, it was a good success thanks to the simplicity of Construct 3. Perhaps a more linear approach next time would yield even greater results.

Live Game Jam #1

Next off we have a fun experimental game jam which consist of a host creating a game in 3 hours. Think of it as a live streaming session of games development but in an offline perspective. The goal was simple, to share the development process during a game jam. Rather than having the participants make something, they get to watch and interact with the host.

Young viewers trying out the game.

It was clear, too many cooks spoil the broth. When you have a number of viewers participating in deciding the game, you get constant distractions with opinions and thoughts. It was quite stressful juggling between words and hands, not to mention the time limit. It was fun to say the least, being able to perform and interact with the audience is a good sight!

A volunteer providing the assets for the game.

Here is the link to the game made in 3 hours: Live Game Game #1 Demo

Player 1 (red):
WASD Movement Controls
SPACEBAR shoot arrows
Player 2 (yellow):
ARROW KEYS Movement Controls
ENTER shoot arrows
Each arrow shot scatters and has a re-load cooldown.
Game ends when either get's shot by their opponent's arrow.
Avoid moving saw blades.

Simple game, without any sound. A priority for the next Live game jam would be to include sound (fx) creation in the process. Hopefully, it will be less of the talk and more of the do. It is definitely a challenge for both the host and the pursuit of the event’s motive.

Nonetheless, Construct 3 made all these possible with it’s intuitive workflow and rapid development.

Special thanks to Tom from Scirra for providing the week’s workshop and game jam with full licenses to Construct 3!