New website launched!

Finally, Gamasia Collective is now fully migrated to a whole new website!


So far we have been using social media and partners to post our announcements and by means with word of mouth. There are so many services out there that easily serves what we need but there isn’t a place that we could gather everything in. Unless, of course with a website. Sadly, it wasn’t given much of the attention it should have. So the project to revamp the website started.

It has been a while since any posts was made on the old site so the migration wasn’t an issue. Besides, the old posts were decided to be removed anyway at this point.


The previous site isn’t really that great because it was actually a Tumblr page with a custom theme. Mostly slow and runs off without SSL. With that in mind, this new site is a static web page hosted with SSL. Basically means faster , more responsive and secure .

A fresh new start

To take full advantage of this site, future announcements, blog posts and event details will be posted here on Looking forward to hearing your feedbacks on the new looks!